Liza Beth | Diamond Compass Rose

Liza Beth | Diamond Compass Rose



Liza Beth jewelry vintage style diamond mariners compass/northern star pendant necklace.

Legend of the Mariner’s, Nautical, Compass Rose:

Compass rose tattoos have often been the domain of sailors, and hence, they are also, at times, referred to as the nautical , or Mariner’s compass rose. Seamen believed that these tattoos would bring them good luck, and at the same time ensure that they made it back to the shore alive.

To some it stands for focus, reminding the wearer to focus on the future. This is especially associated with moving ahead in life, safely and assured of direction.

To others it signifies leaving behind an addiction, or a difficult past, starting life afresh, and looking forward to the wonderful things that life has to offer.

In case someone has drifted away in life without any direction or goal to pursue, such a compass rose can be a reminder, that to achieve anything in life one needs to have the right direction.

This compass rose design can also be about remembering, honoring, and learning from the past, and at the same time looking forward and being open to whatever the future holds for the person.

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