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65 12th Street South
Naples, FL, 34102


Shannon Green Collection opened in the fall of 2012.  The Naples, Florida boutique represents a global collection of fine jewelry, showcasing statement pieces in 18 to 22K gold, sterling silver, precious and semi-precious stones.  The collection is inspired by a diverse array of designers, cultures, people, nature and life itself! 

“Some time ago, I fell in love with the salty air of the sundrenched Gulf Coast, embracing a beautiful life in Naples, living consciously and enjoying every moment... 

My journey began as a child captivated by the beauty of unique objects, with a special love of jewelry. This passion took me across the world for over a decade, working alongside top designers of luxury goods as an accessories buyer and designer, experiencing life in fabulous cities, such as London and New York.”

An eclectic personal style has developed over time into a jewelry collection with a luxe bohemian spirit.  Treasure hunting on my travels is both exciting and inspiring and I am dedicated to sourcing beautifully crafted, one-of-a-kind artisanal pieces.”

The collection fuses styles... Bohemian to elegant, ethnic to rock and roll permeates the boutique and creativity is embraced.

“Jewelry is meant to be worn and enjoyed. Each piece represents a deeply personal expression of oneself that is connected to our being. Every day I enjoy being immersed amongst my collection, spending spare time enjoying sandy toes, balmy nights and the holiday vibe with my tribe.

Embrace Life...”

Extensively trained by GIA (Gemological Institute Of America) and member of ASJH (American Society Of Jewelry Historians).


Suzy Landa fine jewelry available online and in-store through Shannon Green Collection. Shop online for the same personalized service.

Canary Beryl Trapeze Necklace


Canary Beryl Trapeze Necklace




Curved “trapeze” necklace made of prong set oval stones; 18k yellow gold, 3.7 ct. canary beryl.

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Canary Beryl

The bright yellow cousin of the more popular varieties of the beryl family, emerald and aquamarine, this often overlooked beauty bears the color of pure sunshine.  Alternatively called “golden” beryl and sometimes “Heliodor” (derived from Greek and meaning “gift from the sun”), this stone is hard, generally free of inclusions, and perfect for all types of jewelry.  Occasionally it can be found in unusually large sizes.  One piece in my collection features an 80-carat pear shape, virtually flawless, with which I made a large cuff bracelet and surrounded the center stone with yellow sapphires and diamonds.

The largest cut yellow beryl – weighing over 2,000 carats – is on display in the Hall of Gems in Washington D.C.’s Smithsonian.