Pear Shaped Chrysoprase Earrings

Pear Shaped Chrysoprase Earrings


Drop earring: 18k yellow gold 10 prong setting for large rose cut chrysoprase center stones with .20 ct. tw. diamond in the prongs.

Chrysoprase 31.32

Diamond .20

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The rarest and most valuable gemstone in the family that includes agate, carnelian, onyx, and chalcedony, this minty green beauty is reminiscent of jade in both color and translucency, though it’s harder and more durable and thus a better bet for jewelry.  The finest material, vivid and intense in color and neither heated nor treated, comes from Central Queensland, Australia.

Jewelers of ancient times would mistake the stone for emerald; but unlike emeralds, which derive their green from the presence of chromium, chrysoprase owes its springy green hues to traces of nickel.  According to Greek legend, wearing chrysoprase ensures a happy marriage and good health as it opens and invigorates the heart.

Though not obvious to the naked eye, chrysoprase is naturally porous and can be stained by absorbing chemicals, so be mindful of contact with cleaning products, perfumes, and lotions, and personal hygiene items.  Take off your chrysoprase jewelry before exercising or household chores, and keep them out of prolonged exposure to direct sunlight that may alter the stones’ color.  Wipe the stones with a damp, soft cloth before storing them.