Spessarite Princess Ring

Spessarite Princess Ring


Suzy Landa spessarite princess stacking ring in 18k yg.

.06 spessarite (garnet family)

Size 6.5

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Sometimes called “mandarin garnet,” this vibrant orange stone is one of my personal favorites.  The striking color plus its tremendous brilliance makes Spessartite unusually beautiful.  It is not treated, heated, nor enhanced in any way, so the bright, clear, delicious color you see is exactly the way Mother Nature intended it. 

Lesser known and rarer than other garnet varieties, spessartites, ranging from bright orange to brownish-orange to fiery red with orange highlights, are mined in various parts of Africa (Namibia, Mozambique, Tanzania, and Kenya), as well as Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Brazil.  The stone is hard, durable, and thus appropriate for all kinds of jewelry.

I have had a weakness for all things orange since childhood (and in fact, both the front door of my apartment and the main wall of my office are painted bright orange), and I have collected several exquisite matched pairs of spessartites in the last few years.